Developer's Toolbox

Developers are the heart of ODTUG and the soul of Kscope.

No other conference is so dedicated to exploring issues related to the developer, and offering guidance and access to world-renowned development experts.

“Some years ago I did a presentation on Analytic Functions (really awesome SQL-thing). One conference later, someone stopped me in the hallway and said: ‘Since you talked about Analytic Functions, I started using them. They made my life so much easier.’ Isn’t that what Kscope is all about, sharing what you know – helping your fellow developer?”- Alex Nuijten, AMIS

This year, presentations will be focused around the following areas:

Coding -

Concepts and fundamentals, tuning and performance, tips and tricks, how-to, programming techniques, frameworks

  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Java
  • PHP

Tools -

  • IDEs (SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD, JDeveloper, Eclipse, etc.)
  • Code Testing (SQL Developer, Quest Code)

Utilities -

  • Database
  • (Data pump, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL utility packages)
  • Tuning and performance (MR Trace...)


Check out what PL/SQL guru Steven Feuerstein of Quest Software has to say about Kscope.


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